November 06, 2020 2 min read

Clean, restful and thought-provoking, these fresh images will inspire conversation and provide an understated aesthetic to your home or business.

The Everyday Iconics collection of fine art photography elevates classic product design to the status of high contemporary art. Each photograph is a minimalist still life or refined portrait of elegance.

It may seem like a contradiction. When viewed across the distance of space and time even the most common everyday objects can become iconic.

Evryday Iconics Collection Preview

The subject of these portraits, the 1957 ‘Finlandia’ dining set, was one such icon of the everyday. Designed by the titan of Finnish post-war design, Tapio Wirkkala, it evokes a sense of futuristic optimism.

Taking the raw Finnish landscape as his inspiration, Wirkkala would distil natural phenomena to their most basic visual elements and translate them into his minimalist designs.

This understated aesthetic was the basis for ‘Finlandia’. Its glossy sheen and simple form gave it a sleek, modern look.

Everyday Iconics collection is all about pure good taste

The Everyday Iconics collection captures this futuristic ideal. No matter where you hang this collection, the smooth shapes and sunny colours will make you feel optimistic about tomorrow. Whether you’re decorating the dining room of your restaurant or need a conversation piece for your kitchen, this photo collection adds quiet, understated elegance to a room.

These thought-provoking photographs allow you to have a respite from your busy day. They give you a chance to really see the kinds of objects that you may have taken for granted in the past. You can follow the curves with your eyes, contemplate the clean lines and enjoy how shadows play upon surfaces.

It’s as if your stress melts away from simply looking.

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