Commission Unique Art

Commission a unique piece of art

Luxurious Walls Commissions is a premium service. We work directly with you and co-create original artwork that is both personal and unique.

The LW team has over thirty years experience in creating unique design solutions for client commissions.

We specialise in creating bespoke works of art. We have also taken portrait commissions.

Our Commissioning Process

This is an exciting process where you join us and become part of our creative team. We will co-create a unique piece of art that exactly matches your requirements.

The process is easy with just three simple steps.

Step 1

Have a think about what you want. Here are some questions to bear in mind.

      •    What sort of art are you looking for - style and size?
      •    What sort of impact do you want to make?
      •    What budget range do you have in mind?
      •    What medium is right for you - paintings, prints or fine art photography?
      •    Where are you going to hang the picture?
      •    What size is this space?

We provide invaluable advice and work with you through the whole process. We will ensure you get exactly what you want in terms of imagery, style, medium, size and budget.

Once we have chatted, we will put together an ideas folder to share and discuss with you.

This will contain initial examples of artwork styles that we feel match what you have communicated to us. We can also include presentation sheets showing ‘initial sketch boards’ of what we can make for you.

Step 2

      •    Your creative mind and intention become part of the process
      •    Once we agree and confirm the visual direction to take, we send a quote and 'deposit form' to you in order to confirm the commission
      •    We then go off to the studio and start creating
      •    We will develop first sketches and ideas and produce a ‘visual design board’ to share and discuss with you

This part of the process is really exciting because we start to realise and ‘bring into being’ the ideas we have co-created.

Step 3

      •    Once the sketches are agreed, we then start work on the final artwork
      •    Once complete, we then present this to you for ‘final checks’ and ‘final tweaks’, if any are required
      •   Now that everyone is happy, we will recommend suitable framing to finish it all off

Now you have a bespoke piece of ready-to-hang artwork that you have co-created.

Pricing and timings and will vary depending on the commission. Typically prices start from £2000 and can take 4-6 weeks to produce.

Contact us for an initial quote and timing indication.

We are always here to help so let’s get started.

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