Positive affirmations large art oil painting & Giclée print: 'Anything Is Possible'

Anything Is Possible, All Is Good

Anything Is Possible, All Is Good

from LW Wisdom Words collection


Acquired Taste Pantone Home & Interiors Palette

In both food and surroundings, an acquired taste means an appreciation for the distinctively different. Such is the case with this palette. It offers a mix of colours and textures not commonly seen together, yet they combine for a palette that is subtly luxurious.

Colours include Orange Chiffon, Pale Gold, Mulberry, Brandied Melon, a Dove Grey and a muted pink.

Anything Is Possible, All Is Good from the LW Wisdom Words collection seamlessly integrates with the Acquired Taste palette offering compatible rich colour and fine art texture. Supportive words encourage us to push through any difficulties and achieve continuing success. Available as Small, Medium and Large quality prints.




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