Wedding gift unique large art Giclée print for bride or groom: 'King Forestbathing'

King Forestbathing

King Forestbathing

from LW Kings and Queens collection


Forest Bathing

This stress-reducing palette is inspired by the Japanese practice of 'Shinrin-yoku' or forest bathing.  Studies have shown that
a contemplative walk in the woods reconnects the individual with nature and elevates their mood. Several shades of green
and blue-green are enlisted, which are contrasted by Grape Kiss and a refreshing Acid Lime.

King Forestbathing from the LW Kings and Queens collection seamlessly integrates with the Forest Bathing palette
offering compatible rich colours of nature teamed with bold fine art textures. This king has three brothers in different
colours. Have you met them?

Available as Small, Medium and Large quality prints with text dedications and no-text options.



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