Pantone Inspirations


Luxurious Walls align with Pantone inspirations

We love colour and texture at Luxurious Walls


Luxurious Walls collections of new artwork can delight and inspire the viewer.

We create unique pieces celebrating both minimalism and free painterly expression working with bold texture and rich colour.

We create a space where nostalgia and philosophy conjoin offering deeply personal collections.

Our collections celebrate family, early childhood impressions and respond to contemporary society with visions of a future that is both positive and successful for all.

All LW artwork seamlessly integrate with the ethos, colour stories and philosophies underpinning the PANTONEVIEW Home and Interiors 2017 colour trend and styling forecasts.

Additionally, the LW Greenery 2017 collection of fine art photography, prints and paintings align with the insightful and fresh ideologies behind the Pantone Colour of the Year 2017, Greenery. 

At Luxurious Walls, we support a coordinated approach to addressing major colour trends for home and commercial interiors. This helps you source timeless art for your home or client projects whilst remaining current with global styling directions.

We are proud to launch our new collections of artworks and share them with you. We hope you enjoy them.

Below are links to the entire LW collections. They incorporate the spirit of our artistic impressions and creative expression. They also acknowledge the PantoneView Home and Interiors 2017 colour stories and colour palettes.

Visit the Shop and Exhibitions pages to view the complete LW collections.



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