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Do you have trouble finding appropriate wedding gifts? Are you looking for a unique gift that will delight and amaze someone special?

You need something beautiful and ‘different’, something that symbolizes your life together or acknowledges how you feel about someone. Believe it or not, this very common problem has an artistic solution.

Our Kings and Queens fine art print collection is the perfect solution if you're struggling to find something special, meaningful, everlasting.

In centuries past, well-to-do young couples would get their portraits painted as a wedding gift. This special work of art would hang in a central place in the couple’s new home as a symbol of their union.

Our Kings and Queens collection is a modern twist on that idea, appropriate for all types of couples or special individuals in your life. The jewel tones of these prints remind one of a romantic, fairy-tale past, yet the expressionistic style of the figure
puts it firmly in the modern era.

Because decorating your living space can be a challenge, the Kings and Queens collection was created with maximum flexibility in mind. It comes in a variety of
colour palettes that could be effortlessly incorporated into any existing colour scheme.

The prints have the option of coming with or without an inscription at the bottom.

The Queen’s message to her King is,
“You are the treasure I searched for.”

The King’s message to his Queen is,
“I found my treasure in you.”

We hope that you will treasure this collection as well.


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