May 15, 2019 2 min read

Did you know that positive affirmations are scientifically proven to improve performance?

In 2015, a team that included researchers from the University of Toronto, Columbia University, The University of California at Berkeley and Google discovered that positive affirmations make one feel calmer and more in control of their work and life situation.

The team concluded that underperformance disappears when one has an opportunity to self-affirm. In short, we can all receive a noticeable benefit from powerful and positive affirmation.

That's why we created Wisdom Words, our original collection of oil on canvas and mixed media paintings and prints.

The Luxurious Walls Wisdom Words collection offer powerful, positive messages combined with energizing colours and edgy design.

Wisdom Words isn’t your typical word art collection.

Instead, it’s a high-impact take on the ritual of daily affirmation. The Wisdom Words collection solves a common design problem. Business owners and individuals often want to put affirmations in their offices or homes but ‘affirmation art’ is typically, and paradoxically, either too mainstream or too sentimental to be truly inspiring in the workplace or home. 

Wisdom Words prints or paintings introduce rich colours and painterly textures into any space. They offer a bold and contemporary urban aesthetic. Each print can stand on its own as a piece of abstract art.

It’s all about adding a positive vibe to the environment. You don’t have to actually read the words to get a nice energy boost - you can just look at them quickly and the image will bring up the message in your mind. 

Subconscious Self-affirmation

The Wisdom Words collection provides an opportunity to self-affirm in the time it takes to look up from your desk. Even if you’re rushing out the door in the morning, car keys and coffee in hand, you can glance at the framed Wisdom Words print in your hallway. The artwork reminds you that “you got this,” giving you a pick-me-up to start your day off right. 

When you come home tired because you met the day’s challenges with verve, the same message greets you… only now it says, “you did it!”

These original paintings and fine art prints present layer on layer of colour, texture and intention. They encourage us to take time for contemplation, to reflect on the messages and absorb the powerful psychological benefits of their rich and healing colours.


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