May 05, 2019 2 min read

Earth Origins is a fine art photography collection of ritual objects. These mythical objects make your space feel calm, grounded and connected to the earth.

The vessels in this collection have an ancient, primordial look. As if they were just unearthed from an archaeological excavation. However, they are all modern creations; hand-made pottery, industrial design pieces as well as elegantly shaped shells from nature. They celebrate the ritual of creation: creation in nature, creation of hand-made vessels, and creation of the mass-produced.

Humans have been using ritual objects for millennia. In Ancient Sumer, the world’s first great civilization, clay of the earth was an important material. The Sumerians made clay ritual objects to aid in communication with the gods, used clay tablets to record the first written language, and also invented the potter’s wheel, which enabled them to make strong vessels for storing food and water. In short, the Sumerians shaped their existence out of clay.


Named after Sumerian deities, this collection of fine art photographs acknowledges the ritualistic mindset of the ancients and their deep connection with the gods.

Enki was the god of crafts and intelligence, but he was also the god of water and his essence is captured timelessly in Enki's Springwater Flask. Inanna was the goddess of love and fertility but also of war and combat, the processes of creation and destruction.

This collection features Enki’s Springwater Flask and Inanna Art and other hand-crafted vessels by British artist Anne Gilmore. The Inanna images, in particular, encourage us to reconsider and re-imagine the work of Finnish designer Tapio Wirkkala.

The Earth Origins collection provides an opportunity to relive and revisit a time when nature, gods and ritual objects were a part of humans’ everyday experience.

They invite a calming, meditative atmosphere worthy of such a time.

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