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What do health and well-being professionals say about working with positive affirmations as art and the Wisdom Words collection by Luxurious Walls?

We thought it would be interesting to ask four licensed professionals to tell us what they think.

So we contacted an art therapist, an MD (medical doctor), a psychotherapistand a mindfulness expert. All work with positive affirmations and creative visualisation and are impressed by the Wisdom Words collection from Luxurious Walls.

Let’s meet our professionals!

Zelda Robinson, CSP, DMT

Wisdom words by positive affirmation art paintings and prints for home decor and interior design

Zelda Robinson is a mindfulness and stress relief expert, author and public speaker based in Chicago, Il. USA.

We asked Zelda to talk about two images from the Wisdom Words collection.

Wisdom words by positive affirmation art paintings and prints for home decor and interior design

Image: ‘Destined’ from the Wisdom Words collection

Because we listen to the words of the world, we often neglect our own inner truth because we lack faith to trust our inner selves. We are all destined for greatness. We must simply learn to trust. Believe and move on it - no matter what. Greatness is only a breath away. Breathe in greatness!

Wisdom words by positive affirmation art paintings and prints for home decor and interior design

Image: ‘Big Things Happen’ from the Wisdom Words collection

There is so much pressure to live big. Living large begins with small steps.  Living large is a state of mind, not a place to be or a thing to do or have.  Big things happen on the inside beginning with an increased consciousness, that eventually manifests on the physical plane. What small step will you take today?

Does working with positive affirmations and creative visualization really work?

Absolutely! It's how I got my first job, my husband and my revived career as a professional speaker.

How did you achieve this success?

Daily affirmations, reading and creating a vision board.  Some call this Mind Mapping.

We are all artists of some sort and have to recognize and realize that we are here for the good of service to each other, not to get more stuff!

How useful is positive affirmations art and in what circumstances?

Basically any circumstances, no matter how dire it may seem. Nothing is impossible, only thoughts. The author and healer Louise Hay is scientific proof that it works. She wrote many books on the subject, which helped me in my healing process. Looking forward to the healing process is key!

What other advice do you have for us to think about today?

Stay on purpose, stay empowered and stay tuned to higher learning. And remember to do something special for yourself. TODAY! After all, you do deserve it.

Thank you, Zelda. It is great to hear your thoughts about our Wisdom Words collection and have insight into your approach to well-being.

View the WISDOM WORDS collection here.


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Follow the links below to learn more about Zelda Robinson’s ‘Zelda Speaks (SM) Innovative Mindfulness Breakthrough System’, her health and well-being books and public speaking engagements.




How to contact Zelda Robinson

Twitter: @ZeldaSpeaks

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