May 14, 2019 2 min read

In a world that seems more divided than ever, there is a deep yearning to get back to simple, pure, uncomplicated nature.

Back in 2017, the Pantone Colour Institute developed Greenery so that we could incorporate nature into our modern spaces. To this day, it remains a revitalizing shade that encourages you to ‘live green’.

Lately, however, we've found that many of our interior design clients who want to incorporate this zesty shade into their contemporary décor find it challenging to get right. We've created an elegant solution: the Greenery collection.

The Greenery collection is a variation on two other Luxurious Walls photo collections, Earth Origins and Everyday Iconics. Combining pieces from all three collections will produce a sophisticated group of minimal images with an elegant pop of refreshing colour.

The Earth Origins series in Greenery adds just a touch of the colour, ideal if you want to use Greenery as an accent without going overboard. In contrast, the Everyday Iconics series takes this refreshing colour to the max. It offers retro colour with images of classic mid-century fresh feeling.

The Greenery Collection pieces can be combined with black and white photographs from the Earth Origins and Everyday Iconics collections. This juxtaposition of bright green and neutral black and white will make a powerful visual statement. All Luxurious Walls pieces in Greenery celebrate the spirit of the colour.

Their minimalist designs are in tune with Greenery’s fresh, uncluttered aesthetic.


The Luxurious Walls Studio team has identified three spaces where this colour can really make a difference

  • In the kitchen:
    Greenery in the kitchen gives the space a fresh feeling. You know how your kitchen always looks more inviting with the addition of fresh potted herbs on your countertop? Greenery has a similar affect. You can add some Greenery to your kitchen by hanging up some bright green tea towels or framing up the Everyday Iconics photo collection in Greenery.

  • In the office: The colour green has been shown to have a calming, de-stressing effect. Because green is in the centre of the colour spectrum, it is the most balanced colour. The eye does not need to adjust to see this colour, so it’s also the easiest to look at. Bringing in colours that mitigate stress into the office is a great idea, as it makes the work environment healthier and employees happier. This can be done by setting up some fresh plants or displaying Wisdom Words in Greenery throughout the office.

  • In the living room: The living room is where the most big-ticket items in the house are located. Therefore, unless you are head over heels in love with retro design, you’re probably not going to run out and buy a couch in Greenery.

Greenery works better as an accent colour in the living room. Some green ideas could include setting a green vase on your coffee table, fluffing up some green accent pillows, or hanging up the subtle Earth Origins collection in Greenery.

Are you ready to experience the rejuvenating effects of Greenery?

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