Why your business needs art: 1

Harvard study says that a lack of art in the workplace is hurting your business.

This is how Luxurious Walls can help you fix it!

Do you feel comfortable when you walk into a business and there’s no art on the walls? I didn’t think so. At best, it looks like the place just opened. At worst, it makes the business look shady.

Even if you don’t take time to really look at the art hanging up in restaurants, offices or the local dry cleaner’s, you probably felt more comfortable on a subconscious level.

The effect that art has isn’t just important for your customers, it’s also important for your employee’s productivity and sense of work satisfaction. Incorporating engaging artwork into your workplace design communicates your brand’s identity to your customers and makes it easier for employees to advocate your brand to the public.

Luckily, having great art in your business doesn’t have to break the bank. Luxurious Walls can provide art and advice for placing it in your office or business environment.

Art positively affects employee happiness and productivity

Art’s positive effects in the workplace have been demonstrated by numerous studies. A study by Harvard School of Education found that the presence of art in the office promotes personal connections between employees, encourages learning and generally makes the working environment more pleasant. Participants indicated that one of the most important aspects of the art collection was that it fostered a feeling of connection to the organization’s mission.

Another study by Exeter University School of Psychology found that employees were happier, healthier and up to 32% more productive when art was present in the office. Employees expressed increased creativity, decreased stress and felt more encouraged to express their opinions. When working in a space where art and plants were present, employees are more productive. This figure doubled when the employees had a say in where the art and plants were placed.

As we have seen from the examples above, having art in the workplace is so beneficial that not having it will hurt your business.  Not taking advantage of art as a simple and effective tool will deprive you and your employees of a chance to reach your full potential.

No art? Why this isn’t helping your business or your brand identity

The effect of having no art in the workplace is uninspired employees and a vague brand identity. Art is a powerful communicator. Color in artwork can communicate your brand’s values. Images in artwork can convey ideas associated with your brand.

While brand identity is essential for acquiring and keeping customers, having a solid brand identity is important for you work force as well. Employees are the most trusted brand ambassadors, outranking the PR department, CEO and founder in the public trust.

Read Part 2- Find out how your staff are your brand ambassadors. Inspire them!

Our collections are there for you

For corporate offices that want to energize and inspire, there’s the Wisdom Words collection. For yoga studios, spas, salons and wellness centers the Earth Origins collection adds a touch of Zen. Of course, there are many ways that you could incorporate LW’s art into your business’ design. You can mix and match images from all collections too.

At Luxurious Walls we are here to help you achieve that.

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