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Why your business needs art: 2

Harvard study says that a lack of art in the workplace is hurting your business.

This is how Luxurious Walls can help you fix it!

The effect of having no art in the workplace is uninspired employees and a vague brand identity. Art is a powerful communicator. Colour in artwork can communicate your brand’s values. Images in artwork can convey ideas associated with your brand.

While brand identity is essential for acquiring and keeping customers, having a solid brand identity is important for your workforce as well. Employees are the most trusted brand ambassadors, outranking the PR department, CEO and founder in the public trust.

Your staff are your brand ambassadors. Inspire them!

For them to be effective brand ambassadors, employees must be engaged and committed to the brand. They must also have a clear idea of what it is. Since art in the workplace encourages creativity, engagement and the expression of ideas, you should be implementing this tool to turn your employees into ambassadors for your company.

It’s got to be good!

Choose art that is good and interesting. Bland, uninspiring art is almost as bad as having no art at all. Think about those 'motivational posters' that have a picture of a mountain or tropical island with some trite phrase written underneath. There is nothing that says “I don’t care about my customers or employees” more than that.

Art is more than just wall covering and buying art from Swedish chain stores or Wall-Mart isn’t going to cut it. This kind of soulless 'production line art' isn’t going to create the fresh, innovative work space that inspires employees to advocate your brand. 

But how do I outfit my business stylishly and keep to my budget?

That's where Luxurious Walls comes in!

Finding good art can be difficult, especially if you need to decorate a large office space. At art galleries, you can find great original art but they’re often too expensive and don’t have enough stock to outfit large interiors. Large printing websites are cheap, but they’re also impersonal and the artwork they provide, for the most part, is not original.

Luxurious Walls specialises in providing top-quality original art for business spaces that will fit into your budget.

Luxurious Walls’ prints, paintings and photo collections are created by the artist for their personal expression but also with the customer in mind. This is the crucial difference.

The style of Luxurious Walls’ art is contemporary and keeps your space up to date with the latest colour trends. Artwork incorporates the Pantone Institute home and interiors colour forecasts and global colour directions.

Customers are more discerning and interested in all things culinary. Not only is the food important but so is the total experience from tableware to the ambience and environment. For example, take a small restaurant that serves retro food that mum used to make. They can keep the dining room fresh and modern by displaying the Everyday Iconics collection.

For corporate offices that want to energise and inspire, there’s the Wisdom Words collection. For yoga studios, spas, salons and wellness centers the Earth Origins collection adds a touch of Zen. Of course, there are many ways that you could incorporate LW’s art into your business’ design. You can mix and match images from all collections too.

At Luxurious Walls we are here to help you achieve that.

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