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The Collaborations Interview Series presents opportunities for professionals to support each other in the shared goal of helping to improve the lives of others.


What do health and well-being professionals say about working with positive affirmations as art and the Wisdom Words collection by Luxurious Walls?

We thought it would be interesting to ask four licensed professionals to tell us what they think.

So we contacted an art therapist, an MD (medical doctor), a psychotherapist and a mindfulness expert. All work with positive affirmations and are impressed by the Wisdom Words artworks from Luxurious Walls.

Let’s meet our professionals!


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JILL HOWELL is a board-certified and registered art therapist, a licensed professional counselor, author and speaker from Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, USA.

What do you think of the Wisdom Words collection by Luxurious Walls?

The images are beautiful and the words are right on point.

I love ‘My Thoughts are Creating My Future’(above). Everything that we say, do and see gets processed through our thoughts. We need to choose our thoughts wisely. We can choose to think positive thoughts that will help mould our future or negative thoughts that will keep us aligned with our past. The art on our walls helps to remind us, to keep us on the right track. You may be feeling down or having a bad day, but when you look up and see a positive statement about the future you can choose to change your thoughts!

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'It is the Little Things' (that Make the Big Things Happen). Every moment of every day is an opportunity to work towards or away from our goals.

Decisions that may seem trivial may lead you on a path that opens up your future to unknown possibilities. The person that you smile at every day in the elevator may become your new boss, your partner or your new best friend. Don’t take things for granted; a great cup of coffee might change your whole outlook for the day!

Surrounding yourself with beautiful art is uplifting and healing. What you see really is what you get. If you see positive statements and beauty daily then that is what you reflect back. We all need reminders to stay positive, happy, focused and in gratitude. What better way is there to express that than through art and words?

How do you work with positive affirmations and creative visualisation?

I use positive affirmations and visualization personally and with my clients daily! I truly believe that they work. Having a visual, tangible reminder of the way that you would like to think and feel can really help to set your day or ward off negativity.

My morning routine is filled with positive statements. My bathroom art is the first thing that I see in the morning and sets the tone for the day. I have affirmations painted on my walls. I have projects that I have done with patients that are buttons that have been collaged with words and images and pinned to ribbons. I have three of these in my bathroom.

I know that my patients have found inspiration in the images that they have created and kept. We have made mirrors and magnets with affirmations to be placed in important areas in their lives. Mirrors are a perfect place to use affirmations. It may seem corny or strange or straight out of Saturday Night Live, but there truly is a benefit to looking at your reflection and saying nice things to yourself. If you can’t say them, then who?

Art is a wonderful way to improve well-being. It feels good to make art. It doesn’t even matter if it is good or bad, the process of art making is more important than the product. Creating art releases stress and other negative emotions. Creating art distracts you from negativity.

Thank you, Jill. It is great to hear your thoughts about our Wisdom Words collection and have insight into your work.

View the WISDOM WORDS collection here.

Learn about Jill’s new book below.

 Jill Howell author Color Draw Collage Create Your Way to a Less Stressful Life Skyhorse Publishing book cover

Jill Howell is the author of “Color, Draw, Collage: Create Your Way to a Less Stressful Life” published by Skyhorse Publishing in February 2017.

This engaging book is really worth a look and is available right now from

"A friendly, easy-to-use guide." Local Flair magazine.

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