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Why smart women buy art paintings prints affirmation art fine art photography buy art onlineStudies have shown that women buy more art than men - and they buy online! Women are said to have a ‘more keen eye’ for home décor and typically lead on making changes to the decoration of interiors.

So why do smart women buy art? What do they know?

Smart women invest in their physical and spiritual well-being and they invest in creating desirable living spaces. We know that women buy art for this purpose. Buying art, particularly paintings and prints, simultaneously takes their mind off any stress, reconnects them to positive aspects of themselves and makes their home décor and interior design representative of who they really are. In short, buying art creates a perfect space – a personal and private haven.

Art is powerful with the ability to immediately confront our feelings and emotions simply by looking at it. Art reflects our character, taste and preferences - a visual representation of who we are. Art is our emotional challenger and saviour. Smart women realize this!

We live in an increasingly complex ‘always connected’ world. Often we just want to ‘switch-off’. The high expectations and pressures of modern life can, at times, take its toll. Whilst we can’t predict the circumstances that life presents us, we can surely determine how to respond to them. One effective way is to create an individual and beautiful home environment that provides tranquility and a peaceful space to rest and recharge. Key to this is buying good art.

Let’s take a closer look at why women buy art and what it achieves.

Smart women know that:

  1. Art creates an atmosphere of positivity

Wisdom Words affirmation art creative visualisation painting and print 'my thoughts are creating my future'

Smart women keep positive company. Almost all research shows that people are as happy as the company they keep. Smart women intentionally create an atmosphere of positivity around them. Introducing a painting or print into your home décor and interiors creates an uplifting environment. It will focus your attention to creative possibility and to all that is good and positive.

  1. Art heals

Wisdom Words positive affirmation art 'Change Hope Love' paintings and print. How to open up to love through art

Smart women look after their physical, spiritual and mental health. Art can inspire a complete and instant change of emotional state, usually for the positive. By helping us concentrate on positivity, art in the home helps relieve tension and stress and any hurting can more quickly heal. Next time you feel frustrated, try looking at a lovely piece of art and see how your mood soon changes! Plato, the great philosopher, says that ‘art shapes our character’. Art shapes our emotions too!

  1. Art as investment

Wisdom Word by Art as investment. Positive affirmation art creative visualisation. Why women buy art guide

Smart women know that art can increase in value and be worth several times its original price in just a couple of years. If sold, such returns can be used for a good cause such as a charity donation or to make other desired purchases. Most people, however, want to keep the art they love. So in any case, if you buy - you win!

  1. Art creates the mood we want

Conjunction. Earth Origins collection fine art photography print. Why women buy art blog. blac and white print yellow chaise longue

Colour and imagery sets the mood and tone of any interior. We can decide the atmosphere we want to create by the art we choose to have around us. Artwork captures the essence of what we want to feel or see. Smart women surround themselves with art that inspires them in some way and creates a specific mood e.g. calmness, motivation, hope or love.

  1. Art can help you fall in love and achieve your goals!

love is here fine art painting and print from Wisdome Words Collection why do women buy art? Positive affirmation art for creative visualisation.

Did you know that our responses to beautiful art and to falling in love create the same reactions in the brain? Well, researchers say so. According to a Scientific American article, the brain experiences the same responses in the same areas of the brain when falling in love or looking at engaging art which creates similar feelings of pleasure and excitement.

The ‘Wisdom Words’ collection of positive affirmations art by Luxurious Walls, combines creativity, psychology and colour therapy. The collection can open you to love and help you find it. It can also help you reach your personal goals. Supported by health and well-being professionals, this area of positive affirmation and creative visualisation is now scientifically proven to work.

Luxurious Walls creativity takes this a step further. We offer bold paintings and prints that will improve your interior spaces - both in your home and in your head!

View all our collections at and introduce some original art into your home. Brochure and Guide. Free download.

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See the Luxurious Walls Collaborations blog interviews with four leading health professionals who talk about the power of our ‘Wisdom Words’ collection.

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