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The Collaborations Interview Series presents opportunities for professionals to support each other in the shared goal of helping to improve the lives of others.


What do health and well-being professionals say about working with positive affirmations as art and the Wisdom Words collection by Luxurious Walls?

We thought it would be interesting to ask four licensed professionals to tell us what they think.

So we contacted an art therapist, an MD (medical doctor), a psychotherapist and a mindfulness expert. All work with positive affirmations and are impressed by the Wisdom Words artworks from Luxurious Walls.

Let’s meet our professionals!


Wisdom Words positive affirmation art paintings and prints for home decore and interior design Large painting

Lisa Bahar is a licensed marriage and family therapist and a licensed professional clinical counselor located in Newport Beach, California.

What do you think of the Wisdom Words collection by Luxurious Walls?

Luxurious Walls ‘Wisdom Words’ affirmation art is the best way to keep up an attitude of hope, gratitude and well-being.  The messages are simple yet profound, and the way they are presented makes them a powerful reminder of how good life can be! 

We asked Lisa to choose and talk about two images from the Wisdom Words collection.

Wisdom Words by positive affirmation art paintings and prints for home decor and interior design

Image: 'Change, Hope, Love' from the Wisdom Words collection

People tend to resist change.  It is when we decide on accepting that change is part of life that we can experience greater hope that can lead only to love.

 Wisdom words by positive affirmation art paintings and prints for home decor and interior design

Image: 'Destined' from the Wisdom Words collection

Destiny is a part of life's journey, whether you believe you are in charge of it, or you feel something greater than yourself is orchestrating it.  

Does working with positive affirmations and creative visualization work?

Yes. What the mind focuses on is what creates the interpretation or meaning, which assigns an emotion, and each emotion has an action.  Therefore, when we view something that is positive, or supportive, the mind will focus on the interpretation or meaning and increase an emotion.

For example, "I am beautiful" initially may not be believed due to past experiences and rigid thoughts that have been strengthened over time. However if one continues to view "I am beautiful" and then practises verbally saying "I am beautiful", the mind and body might initially resist, but it will come to believe it over time. This will shift your experience from perhaps fear to joy.

Keep in mind that whatever you meditate on, is what you will believe and draw to you.

What is the importance of art in well-being improvement?

Art is a form of expression that has a subtle way of healing and processing feelings.  When doing, viewing, or visualizing art, one will experience an emotion through the action of engagement - a creative healing.  The beauty of art is that it plays into the subconscious and provides insight when one least expects it.    

How useful is positive affirmation art and does this really work? 

Being touched by something that stirs an emotional experience that feels connective and safe moves people. Art breaks through defences and can change your perception without you even knowing it.  

Tell us a little more about your practice?

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist and a licensed professional clinical counsellor. I work with individuals, couples and families.  My goal with clients is to empower them to feel they can be effective in day-to-day living. This is done by implementing positive self-talk, self-regulation skills and healthy coping strategies to create a balanced and centred life.

Thank you, Lisa. It is great to hear your thoughts about our Wisdom Words collection and have insight into your work.

View the WISDOM WORDS collection here.

How to contact Lisa Bahar

For more information on Lisa’s practice and specialties visit


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