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The Collaborations Interview Series presents opportunities for professionals to support each other in the shared goal of helping to improve the lives of others.


What do health and well-being professionals say about working with positive affirmations as art and the Wisdom Words collection by Luxurious Walls?

We thought it would be interesting to ask four licensed professionals to tell us what they think.

So we contacted an art therapist, an MD (medical doctor), a psychotherapist and a mindfulness expert. All work with positive affirmations and creative visualisation and are impressed by the Wisdom Words artworks from Luxurious Walls.

Let’s meet our professionals!

Murray Grossan, MD

 Wisdom words by positive affirmation art paintings and prints for home decor and interior design Murray Grossan MD

Murray Grossan MD, is board certified otolaryngologist in practice at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles, part of the Tower Ear Nose and Throat group. 

What do you think of the Wisdom Words collection by Luxurious Walls?

The Luxurious Walls Wisdom Words collection works because it engages the brain in two ways: the words and the art.

I feel that visual stimulation, via imagery and words, can help to replicate the ‘good brain chemistry’. That is important!

 Wisdom words by positive affirmation art paintings and prints for home decor and interior design Change Hope Love painting purple cushion

Dr Grossan’s notes about 'CHANGE HOPE LOVE' from the Wisdom Words collection

Change - you are engaged with actively changing. Hope - your goal is to make a better environment. Loveyou are in a loving frame and can accomplish so much more today.

With all this, instead of the chemistry of depression, anxiety and sadness - between the art and the words your chemistry is love, hope and making changes for the better.

Dr Grossan helps us understand the value of creative visualisation. He speaks about fMRI scans of an actor’s brain and tells us the importance of working with all our senses.

When a great actor plays sad role, you can take his fMRI and see the difference. He is essentially replicating the chemistry of a sad experience. Then the great actor plays a happy role, his fMRI shows the difference.

The goal of visualization is to create the right chemistry.

The warrior that visualizes himself as the great warrior, replicates that chemistry and is filled with enzymes and hormones that improve his/her function.

Similarly for art and creativity. There is a significant reason why the artist MUST have paints in a certain place, lighting just so, music just so - even candles just so – they are trying to replicate the chemistry they had on their best creative day.

The key is to use as many SENSES as possible - sight, sound, smell, feel, taste as well as humour. If I am doing a beach painting, I want to smell the ocean, hear the waves, feel the sand, see the waves and even taste the hot dog. When I do this, my brain replicates the chemistry I had on that day, so essentially I wholly feel the beach.

So, in order to be creative, artistic, I want to CHANGE the chemistry I came in with - anger at traffic or concern about moving apartment etc. and create the chemistry I had. For example, visualise my week at the art school, my best painting with prizes and praise, etc.

The more senses you include, the better the good chemistry effect. Again, these can be demonstrated by fMRI.

Incidentally the Greeks had the right idea: they had the ‘gods’ that personified beauty, the ideal housewife/mother, athlete or warrior etc. making the visualization easy.

Thank you, Dr Grossan. It is great to hear your thoughts about our Wisdom Words collection and have insight into your work.

View the WISDOM WORDS collection here.

Learn about Dr Grossan’s book below.

Murray Grossan book on Stressed Anxiety your cure is in the mirror

Dr Murray Grossan, M.D is the author of ‘Stressed? Anxiety? Your Cure is in the Mirror’. This engaging book is really worth a look and is available right now from

How to contact Dr Murray Grossan

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